"It's An Art To Follow Your Heart"
By Carole Belle


It's an Art To Follow Your Heart is a timely tale which inspires its young readers to understand that our heritage is one of peace and brotherhood. To live in a world where this exists is freedom, our birthright.

The tale is told through the eyes of a young bird as she recalls her visits to her Grandma's treehouse. It is through the tales that Grandma Bird tells that our real story unfolds. When Grandma tells these tales the young birds close their eyes and magically they see everything inside their minds just like a movie. Grandma often spoke in riddles.

The tales take us on a journey with three colorful young dot friends. These Dots can fly and walk and talk as they discover their roots and the hidden treasures inside themselves. Through the enlightened spirit of Danny Divine, whom we meet in the Forest Verde, we discover that the heart is a mystical thing-a universal treasure-and it is the Cosmic Connection that is open to all. An elder bird in Grandma's tale shares that all that find their hearts, "are downright lucky birds!" Danny declares that kid's are love, so fellow H'artists, pass it along!  You can do it through dance, paint, song, the form is not the question for the purist art is simply to share all your heart.

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Carole Belle. All rights reserved.