From Dec 2001 / Jan 2002 Gallery & Studio New York:

"Carole Belle is an intrepid and original talent with an epic sensibility. Belle's "Three Pearls of Wisdom" is a symphonic mural-scale composition. spanning six panels of visionary imagery, in which the artist makes a powerful and poignant plea for peace and universal harmony. A genuine New Age painter with an abiding belief in the power of art to affect social and spiritual change, Carole Belle often employs the form of the mandala in a highly original manner to convey her vibrantly humanistic vision."      - Maureen Flynn


From September 2001 NYC Galleries & Exhibitions
This is a review of Ms. Belle's Art Show @ the Montserrat Art Gallery in Soho, New York City which opened 9/11, 2001 and ran through 9/29, 2001:

"The Montserrat Gallery, 584 Broadway (SoHo), New York City, brings the best contemporary fine arts to the attention of art aficionados in the metropolitan art community. Carole Belle, who ranks high among their previous exhibitors, again has work on view, which can be seen through September. Study at the High School of Art and Design, Hunter College (BA), and Lehman College (MA) provided a sound foundation for her career in Fine Art. Not yet having reached the pinnacle of her success, she has already contributed greatly to the legacy of contemporary art. Of coincidental importance in view of the World Trade catastrophe is the 11’ x 11 1/2 ’ mural which is a visual eulogy for peace. The intensity of its color and magnitude of its size, aided by Belle’s skillful handling of scale, registers a poignant message in one’s memory. It seems eerily clairvoyant of the prevailing need for emotional and mental healing that  now is enveloping humanity. May it provide a degree of solace and spiritually direct mankind toward the triumph of reason and justice as world powers resolutely move toward eventual and unconditional international harmony. 

Belle is both a prolific and versatile artist. The impressive breadth of her talent enables her to create significant murals, spiritual mandalas, and produce paintings and portraits ranging from serious to amusing. She has earned an altruistic reputation from accomplishments with emotionally disturbed children while also turning out copious amounts of socially conscious art in her 70th Street studio uptown in “the city” (local slang for New York). Her teaching prowess is evidenced by the impact her dedicated activity with inner city youth has on negativism and anti-social behavior. She leads young people to participate in making art, both individually and in groups, reaching them and replacing destructive habits with acceptable activities. Newly acquired lifestyles build self-respect and Carole Belle’s job is done. Her creativity is fathomless and her devotion to the betterment of New York’s youngsters of all ages is without equal. Carole Belle is an artist who is making a difference!"     - Dorothy Roatz Myers


Excerpt from Spring 1993 aboutART feature:

"Carole Belle is an internationally recognized fine artist whose reputation is highly respected and particularly strong in the New York City area for her work with emotionally disturbed inner-city youth.

Belle is a prolific painter who turns out copious amounts of socially-conscious work in her 70th street studio in New York City.

Carole Belle's talent and rendering skills, accompanied by her keen social consciousness have made her work in demand. It is seen in the best galleries, at art-related events, and in international exhibitions. It has found its way into important collections, public and private, both here and abroad, for her messages have universal appeal

Accolades to Carole Belle... an artist who 'cares'!"
      - Dorothy Roatz Myers



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