Ms. Belle, the artist, is here to inspire the love of beauty, truth and peace. Her acclaimed works  have been exhibited in the United States at Williamsburg, Virginia, at the Aram-K Foundation for Peace in New York City and Los Angeles, in the Montserrat Gallery in Soho and with the Angel Orensanz Foundation for the Arts in New York City, Paris and Venice. Her work has also been part of the Love and Peace for All Art Exhibition "Now <->Then" at Mother Hall in Osaka, Japan.

Ms. Belle's universal artistic appeal stems from her gift of being able to capture, through her art, the ever-vibrant human spirit which binds all of humanity. She is able to appeal to the open-hearted spiritual rejoicing and triumph within all people.

Ms. Belle's murals, often cascading into many panels, each are compelling works of art…"Full of color! Full of life!"  Within each mural one can always discover one panel that stands alone as an individual art work unto itself. Her use of subtle whites, lavenders, pinks and blues in one work is offset by vibrant purples, reds and oranges in another. The radiance we all want daily is represented by her colors, feelings, and purity. "Her instinctual combinations of color create an all-encompassing lightness and sweet poignancy."

Ms. Belle has a collection of mandalas, each with it's own vibration and pulse of life, expressed visually. She creates one-of-a-kind mandalas for individuals which resonate with the individual's intrinsic spirit and harmonizes with their unique pulse of life; in effect, becoming a "Wheel of Life" for that individual.

Ms. Belle's range of work includes a series of spiritual mandalas, murals, paintings, portraits, joyful uplifting posters and playful name drawings. "Ms. Belle is an intrepid and original talent with an epic sensibility; a genuine New Age painter with an abiding belief in the power of art to affect social and spiritual change."

A native New Yorker, Ms. Belle graduated from the High School of Art and Design, received a Bachelor of Arts (BA),  with an art major from Hunter College, and received a Master of Arts (MA) from Lehman College in New York City. She shares her artistic talents with urban children and teens, including many who suffer from serious emotional and physical disabilities. Her strong belief in the crucial role that the arts play in bringing peace is unwavering and propels her to participate wherever it seems most needed. She creates projects for peace, many of which are clearly inspired by and for children. Ms. Belle has made and presented personal name drawings to thousands of children in and around New York City.

It is Ms. Belle's cherished hope that her work will reflect the light and realization that all is one and that to be human is indeed a wondrous thing.



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